The seminar series is aimed to be informal by default, which allows for the variation of polished presentations right down to general chat. In many years we have set a theme of presentations built around a text, major research article or topic, with only occasional presentations of general research. Over the years this style has become less frequent, with most seminars on recent research performed within the group.

2020 Seminars (online since 16 March)

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Broad themes of the seminar series in previous years

  • 2019: Our current research. In particular an overview of semigroups (autumn) and bilattices (spring).

  • 2018: J. Hyndman, J.B. Nation, The Lattice of Subquasivarieties of a Locally Finite Quasivariety

  • 2017: Our current research

  • 2016: Our current research

  • 2015: Our current research

  • 2014: Plotkin, Algebraic Geometry of Universal Algebra (lecture notes)

  • 2013: our research (relation algebras and qualitative calculi)

  • 2012: Tame Congruence Theory via C. Bergmann, Universal Algebra: Fundamentals and Selected Topics

  • 2011: Synchronising Automata and Current Research

  • 2010: Graph Homomorphisms

  • 2009: Our current research

  • 2008: Constraint Satisfaction Problems

  • 2007: Our current research

  • 2006: Semigroups and Related Algebras

  • 2005: Finitely Based Quasi-Varieties

  • 2004: Undecidable Properties of Finite Algebras

  • 2003: Full versus Strong Dualities and Standard Topological Quasi-varieties

  • 2002: Combinatorics on Words

  • 2001: Dualisability in General and of Semigroups in Particular

  • 2000: Coalgebras